About Flamboyance

Gold Coast you’ve been asking, and we DELIVERED

Natasha St James & The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub Gold Coast present an outrageous new event FLAMBOYANCE

The Three-Legged Beauty and her cast of high calibre fierce beauties, will take over the Glittering Pink Flamingo every single Sunday night! 

A fusion of drag, cabaret & burlesque with Dj TINY taking you into our late night afterparty.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you wear, only that you are there. Nest in the feathered wings of the Flamingo, a safe and inclusive space for all, because in our house WE. ARE. ALL. EQUAL. 

Come alive and thrive at the Pink Flamingo with FLAMBOYANCE catapulting into your steamy Summer Sunday’s from January 17th.    

Be fabulous. 
Be flamboyant.

From AUD